GIA Certified Oval Cut East-West Anniversary Band in Platinum 3.95 Carat

Maison Mazerea La Vie en Rose Diamond Necklace featuring over 71 carats



A stunning Diamond Necklace was worn by the Princess of Monaco during the Princess Grace Awards night in November 2022, where on the night, the Centre Pink Diamond was respectfully named The Grace Diamond in honor of Princess Grace. This iconic diamond has been replaced in the necklace with another dazzling Argyle Pink Diamond, allowing for the sale of this prestigious piece of jewelry. The Grace Diamond remains the property of Burgundy Diamond Mines.

The necklace was designed and crafted in Paris. With its singularly unique construction, the piece itself can be worn in 8 different iterations. The two rings of diamonds surrounding the Fancy Orangy Pink diamond at the centre are both double-sided and revolve around the centre diamond allowing the wearer to create multiple designs of their own. La Vie en Rose can feature all-white diamonds, a combination of alternate rings of yellow and white, or boldly feature two dazzling rings of yellow diamonds.

Featuring 56 GIA certified D-F color VVS1/VVS2 diamonds totaling 36.04 cts, 23.25 cts of D-F color melee diamonds, 9 GIA and BDM certified Yellow diamonds totaling 8.59cts, and 2.00cts of Fancy Yellow melee. The Star of the Necklace is a 1.22ct Fancy Orangy Pink Argyle Diamond mined by Rio Tinto at the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia with a GIA Report (GIA#2215117491). This stone also comes with Argyle Pink Diamond certification.

Total carat weight of single stones is 45.85cts and the total carat weight of melee stones is 25.25cts.


Place of Origin: Paris, France

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