GIA Certified Emerald Cut Anniversary Band in Platinum 9.33 Carat



The most wanted piece of jewelry in 2021, timeless, edgy, and stylish!
Handcrafted Band, the highest quality of mounting you will find! Delicate yet sturdy Mounted in Platinum 950, 18 GIA Certified emeralds cut diamonds totaling 9.33ct total, 0.5ct each stone.

All stones:
• 0.54CT D VVS1 EM CUT GIA#2213238267
• 0.56CT D VVS1 EM CUT GIA#5212224491
• 0.50CT E IF EM CUT GIA#6214233921
• 0.50CT E VVS1 EM CUT GIA#2366383192
• 0.50CT E IF EM CUT GIA#2211189967
• 0.50CT E VVS1 EM CUT GIA#6217248718
• 0.51CT E IF EM CUT GIA#2215261515
• 0.53CT E VVS1 EM CUT GIA#6217261536
• 0.54CT E IF EM CUT GIA#2215289306
• 0.56CT E VVS1 EM CUT GIA#2211218576
• 0.50CT F VVS1 EM CUT GIA#6214190015
• 0.50CT F VVS1 EM CUT GIA#5212116767
• 0.50CT F IF EM CUT GIA#2215161416
• 0.50CT D VVS2 EM CUT GIA#2211275083
• 0.50CT D VVS2 EM CUT GIA#5211261517
• 0.55CT D VVS2 EM CUT GIA#2215117388
• 0.50CT F VVS2 EM CUT GIA#2211190171
• 0.56CT D VS1 EM CUT GIA#2213139963

Sits nice and low to the finger, not bulky, super comfort fit.

Ring dimensions:
Band width: 6mm Each stone is approximately 5.6mm x 3.8mm
Height (sits on top of the finger): 3.1mm (comfortable fit)
Weight: 8.8gr
Ring size: 7 1/4 (size can be adjusted 1/4 up or down)

Comes with box.
18 GIA Certificates.
Appraisal available upon request.

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